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Awning installation

can provide shade, protection from the elements, lower utility bills and increased property value. With our more than 30 years of experience in the southwest Kansas area, we know how to install an awning on your home that will give you pleasure for years to come.

There are several options for canvas awning installation: wedge, spear, waterfall, dome, Mediterranean, pocket, modern and custom styles. And with so many fabrics, colors and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find something you like that will complement your home. Metal awning installation is also an option, though not as common as canvas. It can easily be painted, which can allow you to tailor the look of your awning to mesh nicely with your home.

Another type of awning installation is a retractable awning. Unlike their counterparts, they are not stationary; by using either an electronic motorized system or a hand crank, the awnings can be extended on days when shade is desired, or retracted when you want direct sunlight.

One key benefit to awning installation is that it can keep both indoor and outdoor spaces and safe from the sun’s damaging effects, such as fading and spotting. They can be used over doors, windows, outdoor furniture, terraces and more. Plus, they can help increase your home’s energy efficiency by providing shade, thus keeping it cooler and requiring your air conditioning unit to run less. And that means lower energy bills, which over time can help the awning installation pay for itself!

Awning installation is especially beneficial during summer months. They can provide shade to both you and your possessions, both inside and out, and can enhance your home at the same time. They also can be of great use during activities such as barbecues and picnics because they not only block out the sun, keeping you cool and helping you to avoid harmful ultraviolet rays, but they can also keep you covered should it begin to rain. Residential awnings are usually waterproof, easy to clean and fade- and flame-resistant.

And when you have awning installation completed, it will add another benefit: It will increase your home’s value. By adding the decorative touch that helps increase energy efficiency and gives homeowners and their guests a comfortable and shaded area to sit in, it will be an added perk for a potential home buyer. And with today’s market, you want every advantage you can get.

EPIC Roofing have been doing awning installation since 1979 and have learned the best styles for various types of homes. We will take care of the details, including the requirements for permitting in your city if necessary. Let us give you a free estimate and show you how an awning installation can benefit you and your home.

Your satisfaction is our main goal; after all, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are an accredited business with the organization.…


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Next to slimy used car salesmen and shoddy Builders, the people I see taking advantage of consumers the most are remodeling contractors. Come to think about it, I’d say they are at the top of the list!

It doesn’t matter how large or small the job is, everyone can fall victim. I’ve seen homeowners doing $2500 jobs get taken advantage of just as quick as Clients doing a $157,000 project.

Here are a few fast and hard tips to keep you from getting hammered and nailed by a remodeling contractor.

If your state requires contractors to be licensed, ask for their license and follow up with the State to make sure their license is still current. Also ask for any complaints they may have against them.

Ask the contractors for a copy of their General Liability Insurance. Any reputable company will give you a copy. Follow up with a call to the company to make sure they actually have a policy and that it is current. Many a homeowner has tried to file a claim against bogus insurance policies. If the contractor doesn’t have General Liability Insurance, don’t use them. Period. If someone gets hurt at your home and the contractor does not have insurance, in many states you can be sued for any damages!

Ask for a list of recent and past references, including Clients who were not happy with the contractors work. If you deal with the general public enough, you’ll have unhappy clients. Everyone does. If the contractor tells you he doesn’t, either they have not been in business very long or they are lying.

Check with the BBB in your area to see if there have been any claims against the contractor. If so, see how they followed up. The BBB is not a guarantee against hiring a bad contractor, many times good ones are not listed with the BBB. Many of us who are self employed see the BBB as just another organization who makes money off of business’s through advertising.

A better organization to check is Angie’s List. You can find them at http://www.angieslist.com. Companies on Angies List cannot buy their way in or change the reviews of the consumers. Think of Angies List as a neighborhood referral list where a companies past customers grade their work. I’ve found them to be much more accurate and helpful than the BBB. The only downfall is they are not in every city yet.

Do not pay the contractor in cash! At the very least, pay them with a check. A credit card is even better, however some do not accept credit cards. That’s okay as long as they’ll take a check. If they refuse and only want cash, send them along their way. ‘Cash Only’ contractors are a red flag.

Pay the contractor in ‘draws’. Most contractors are use to getting paid as they go along. A draw payment is a partial payment. Normally the contractor will get paid something like 25% before they begin as …


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In these days of the green revolution, many of us are interested in knowing that the things we buy, like teak garden furniture sets do not in any way contribute to the demise of our environment. Not long ago, teak wood used in the manufacture of teak garden furniture seas were harvested from the wild destroying the tropical forests in the process.

Fortunately the governments of the countries involved in the production of wood used in teak garden furniture sets saw the problem and took immediate steps to quash it. Now teak wood is grown on managed renewable plantations so that the teak garden furniture sets made from it is as green as can be. There are even label affixed to many pieces of teak garden furniture sets that attest to the fact that the wood was grown on these plantations so that consumers buying teak garden furniture sets can be satisfied that they are not part of global warming.

Putting an exquisite teak bench in your garden can provide the perfect perch from which to admire the results of all of the labour that went into creating it. Many people fail to realize that something as simple as a teak bench can add a spectacular focal point to an otherwise uninteresting garden.

A teak bench can impart some style, flair and personality to an outside area of your home. A teak bench will stand up well to the elements and provide a beautiful addition to the memories made in your garden. There is not just one style of teak bench as they can be found in park bench styles, with low or high back and with or without arms. A teak bench will fit perfectly under a shady tree, next to a pond or along a gravel pathway so that no matter where you choose to sit, it will be at home.

Undoubtedly teak garden furniture is the most popular wooden furnishings for any outdoor locations because of its beauty, resistance to weather and strength. All of these attributes of teak garden furniture are in part due to the natural teak oils which deter insects and prevent rot. Teak garden furniture is made from a tropical hard wood tree called tectona grandis which grows to about thirty metres in height in Africa, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Used for centuries for shipbuilding, this wood makes teak garden furniture as rugged and long lasting as the boats that formerly sailed around the world.

With proper care, the wood will last almost indefinitely, making teak garden furniture an excellent investment even though its initial cost may be higher than other outdoor furniture that will last only a season or two. Teak garden furniture is made from wood that is grown on managed plantations so there is no threat to the environment.…

The Steps That Involves Home Improvement

Every homeowner will want to improve certain parts of their home.  Improvement usually involves aesthetics, functionality, storage, ease of use, or a mixture of each.  In fact, even repairs and maintenance can even be considered as home improvement.

Home improvement can be approached in several ways, but no matter how many home improvement thingies you can do to your home, there are always a few steps that need to be followed in order to accomplish them.  These steps are what you do when trying to do some home improvement.  Following these home improvement steps ensures that you are able to accomplish your project effectively and without any faults as it helps in making sure the project gets completed.

  1. Home-recordingConcept – when you walk around your home, you will see certain things you would like to improve. In fact, even if you do not do this, it is possible that there are certain aspects of your home that you would like to improve.  It is also possible that you already know what to improve and how you want to improve it.  The basic idea on what you want to do to improve some aspects of your home is your improvement concept.
  2. Identification – while there are many aspects of your home that you want to improve, it is vital that you identify only a single one that you would want to improve first. When it comes to home improvement, you do not start with everything and end up finishing nothing.  Identify only one part of your home that you want to improve.  Once you finish it, you can go on to the next.
  3. Planning – although you already have an idea on how you want to improve that certain aspect of your home, it is vital that you have a good plan on how to do it. Additionally, you need to identify the group of people you may need to hire to accomplish your project.
  4. Budget – any type of home improvement will be nothing without budget. If you do not have the budget for such a big home improvement project, try doing the small ones first that costs little and fit your budget.  Keep in mind that when you approach a home improvement project, budget is imperative in its fulfillment.
  5. Implementation – once everything has been set and planned, hiring the right people to complete the job enables the fulfillment of the project.